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Take the lunge for AgeUK

The local branch of AgeUK is inviting residents to combine fitness with fundraising as part of its 'lunge' challenge.

In a bid to raise money for its new minibus, which provides safe shopping and socialising options for older, isolated Londoners, the charity has introduced a #TaketheLunge campaign.

It's accessible for people of all ages, with seated lunges an option for those who can't stand. Lunges were the exercise of choice for the challenge as there are lots of variations, and it's great for improving balance and hip flexibility.

OPTION 1: #TakeTheLunge

The first option is for all fitness levels. You just need to do 50 lunges, donate £5 and share the link, tagging five friends on social media, and asking them to do the same.. You can use the hashtag #TaketheLunge and tag @AgeUKHF

OPTION 2: #TakeTheLunge 500 Challenge

This challenge involves completing 500 lunges over as many days as you like by 20th October. You can ask family, friends and co-workers to sponsor you with your own Just Giving page or make a donation.

Find out more on the JustGiving page.

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