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Share your favourite family recipe

We know that times are particularly hard for parents in our community who are feeding their children day in, day out. They might be lacking the financial means, the time, or the inspiration to prepare varied and nutritious meals. That's why we are working on an article that will feature cheap, easy and healthy recipes from families across the borough.

Please share 1 or 2 of your favourite recipes with us.

These recipes should:

- make nutritious family dishes (nothing too fancy, and meals that kids would like)

- cost under £5 (roughly)

- be quick and easy for people who aren't cooking wizards

- reflect the diversity of our borough

- be somewhat special for you, e.g. a dish that has become a bit of a traditional favourite in your household, one you make with the kids, or one that you learnt from your mum etc...

What we need from you:

- you can email us your list of ingredients and instructions. Alternatively, it's absolutely fine to send us a link to a recipe you find online e.g.

- a picture of you holding your dish (if possible)

Please get in touch at

Thank you! 🥘

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