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Let's create "mini stories" together!

A guide for businesses

With a mission to support local independent businesses like yours, we have come up with a new communication concept. Our mini stories give you the opportunity to use our platform to easily share with our residents what makes your business special. And it is absolutely free!

What are “Mini Stories”?

They are short (under 20 sec), compelling videos, filmed by you on your smart phone, edited by the H&F Circles’ teams, part of various themed “series”. They will be shared on Circles’ social media platform, in order to showcase to residents what is unique about a particular business. Each series will feature several Mini Stories according to a particular theme (e.g “how to” tips, special offers, inspiration etc…)

Where will the Mini Stories be distributed:

  • on our You Tube Channel. Each series will have its own dedicated playlist

  • on our website, in our directory, within the specific entry for your business

  • as “stories” on our Instagram & Facebook. We will tag your business so you can repost the stories

What is the format:

o between 5 and 20sec long

o film the video on your smart phone, in portrait mode and send us the videos

o you can talk (if so we will add subtitles), or make it silent and send something purely visual

o email us any accompanying text (if needed)

o you can film stories for as many “series” as you want, and we will select the ones that we think work best

o we will take care of adding graphics, subtitles, animation, music, GIF, etc…

What should be the tone?

  • It shouldn’t be: too “salesy”, corporate, too informative

  • It should be: fun, entertaining, showing the human side of your business. It should embrace the H&F Circles values: solidarity, positivity, and a passion for all things local and independent.

What series are we launching? (titles are still provisional):

1 Circles of Trust / Circles Know-How / Hear It On Circles / Tips Tuesday

Share your most valuable secrets/tips, for our special community only

e.g. downward facing dog in 15 sec, how to keep indoor plants healthy in winter, 5 most important tips to maintain your bike this winter…

2 Circles of Love / Wisdom Wednesday

Share a quote, a wish you have for the local community, something inspirational. It can be you saying a few words, you holding a sign…

3 Circles of Deals / Bargains’ Corner / Discounts Tuesday / Saving Saturday

Think of a special deal that you could offer exclusively for our users. Then think of an appealing visual that you could capture on video (e.g. close up on a product) or simply explain the offer

e.g free croissant to the first 20 Circles users, 20% off until the 30/11, free SEO consultation

4 Circles of Jobs / Circles of Job Opportunities / Circles of Recruiters / Work Wednesday

Need to recruit? Let your locals know!

5 Behind the Circles / Fun Fact Friday

Share a fact that few customers know about your business or yourself, or a fun anecdote that has happened in your shop. Take us “behind the scenes” of your operations.

6 New in Circles / Circles of Novelty /Sneak Peaks Sunday

You have just opened a business in the borough? You are about to launch a new product or service? Create a teaser to get your customers excited.

7 Circles of Happy Customers / Clients Say It Best / Clients Know Best / Testimonials Tuesday

Ask 3 customers to share a few words about why they love your business. Show a few happy customers proudly holding your product. Or ask them to describe your business in 3 adjectives.

8 Decisions Circles / Voting Circles

Involve your customers and prospects in your decision making, we’ll organise a poll for you! E.g. present them with 2 versions of your new logo, show them 2 new products that you considering stocking, etc…

9 Circles of Moves / Dancing in Circles / Circles does TikTok / Wacky Wednesday :

Show us your best/wackiest dance move (TikTok style), and show a funny side of yourselves that customers don’t necessarily know about

To recap, here are the steps:

  1. Choose a series for which you would like us to produce a Mini Stories (from the list above)

  2. Film a video between 5-20sec long, in portrait mode. No need to spend more than 10 min on this!

  3. Repeat the process for as many series as you like

  4. Send the file(s) to us on (you might need to use a platform such as wetransfer if the file(s) are too heavy to be sent by email).

  5. We will review, select the video(s) we think fit our purpose the best

  6. We will edit the videos

  7. We will share the Mini Stories on our social channels tagging your business, and we will keep them visible on our “highlights” on our Instagram account. We will upload them on our website as well as our You Tube channel.

  8. You reshare the Mini Stories on your own social channels

  9. If at any point you would like us to remove your Mini Stories, we will do so straight away!

  10. We all enjoy engaging with our users and customers!



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