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Age UK H&F: Working with the community

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During the coronavirus crisis, a growing network of local people are helping us to reach out those who are vulnerable or in need. Emilia Bayer speaks to AgeUK Hammersmith & Fulham about what's happening in our borough.

What's happening at Greyhound Road?

The arrival of Covid-19 has meant a rapid change to services. Our Activity Centre and Charity Shop have temporarily closed but our dedicated Information & Advice Service is operating remotely and our wonderful Digital Champions are ensuring people stay connected online. In addition, a raft of new outreach services has been rolled out. To book an Information & Advice appointment call 020 7386 9085 or for help from one of our Digital Champions email

Can you tell us about the Isolation Buddies initiative?

A fabulous new team of Isolation Buddies is helping local older people to buy groceries, pick up prescriptions and maintain essential phone contact. If you know someone in need of our Isolated Buddy Service then complete our Client Form (requesting help): or if urgent call: 020 7386 9085.

How are people getting meal deliveries?

Local businesses such as Peardrops are at the cornerstone of a new Meal Delivery Service, providing almost 500 freshly cooked meals per week. For many people like Belinda, the service is a “delicious and nutritious" solution to the problem of cooking meals during lockdown, while also providing vital reassurance to families about their loved ones. Our Meal Delivery Service can be booked by calling 020 7386 9085 or emailing

What about those who want to retain their independence?

For those able to leave home, a shopping service has seen the minibus transporting people to and from local supermarkets, now running five days a week. This is a lifeline for many people who want to retain independence during lockdown or start getting back to normal life. To access our door-to-door shopping service email or call: 07538 327 734.

Help AgeUK to keep the wheels turning

Age UK's trusty minibus is currently underpinning all of these outreach services. However, they urgently need your help to raise money for a new environmentally friendly vehicle to meet the requirements of the Low and Ultra-Low Emissions Zones, coming into force in October. If anyone is able support, please visit the Crowdfunding Page to make a donation, whether small or large. Thank you so much!

To enquire about any of our services, call: 020 7386 9085

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